At Intent91 in Worthing, we have created the perfect environment so that each and every member becomes the best version of themselves! Yes, we’re a personal training gym that focuses on small group personal training.

However, alongside our personal training we deliver fitness classes!

What fitness classes do we coach?


In this blog, we’ll be covering our SWEAT fitness class…

 Our ‘SWEAT’ class is a high-intensity session designed to test each member’s cardiovascular fitness level by using our top of the range gym equipment.

Ages and abilities range in this fitness class as it is a personal battle between you and the cardio equipment of your choice!

We see 18-year olds up to 72-year olds really push themselves at our Worthing gym to their own personal limit.

We give every member a complimentary MyZone heart rate monitor once they become an Intent91 member. MyZone belts measure your heart rate throughout the session to ensure you work as hard as possible and provide healthy competition between members to motivate them to push that extra bit and result in a huge calorie burn.

 At Intent91 we offer unlimited access to our classes to ALL members as we feel they complement your personal training sessions perfectly! Alongside our ‘SWEAT’ class, we have created ‘BUILD, FUNDAMENTALS, HYBRID & STRETCH’ classes to enable success for everyone’s personal goals.

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“Brilliant lunchtime class – I thought I wouldn’t finish the workout the workout, but I made it to the end and I burnt 400 calories in 35 minutes, thanks!” – Katrina G

“Very hard work but such good fun. The constant and continuous support from the coaches and those in the session is all the motivation you will ever need to keep pushing through. Would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to really push themselves” – Sam H

“Fantastic. Loved every minute, great work by all in the group” – Peter P

If this sounds like something you want in your life, then why not try our 30-day trial today!