What is Small Group Personal Training?

Small group personal training is pretty much what it says on the tin… personal training but delivered in a small group as opposed to 1-2-1 training.

In our case at Intent91, we deliver small group personal training in no more than 6 people per group (and often it’s less, as we have sessions on the hour, every hour).

What are the benefits of Small Group Personal Training?

Fun and Sociable

First and foremost, small group personal training is super fun as you get to train with other likeminded people!

Human interaction is something that over the last 2 years has somewhat been lost due to the C-word… but small group personal training is bringing us back together.

No more watching YouTube videos or following along with Joe Wicks (who by the way we think has done an amazing job).

No more awkward interactions being 1-2-1 with a coach you may have never met before.

Instead you get to meet lots of other likeminded people that have similar goals to you.

Who knows you may build relationships that last a life time!

Very Cost Effective

This is potentially the biggest benefit of small group personal training…

It’s super cost effective (and just as effective!).

Paying a 1-2-1 coach can cost up to £60+ per hour meaning that personal training is usually out of most people’s budget.

Which is frustrating to us because we understand that many people require structure, guidance and motivation within the gym environment – but this is a conversation for another day!

Back to why small group personal training is so cost effective then…

Due to potentially 6 people being in a session the coach can charge lower prices, for instance at Intent91 our sessions average out at £24 per hour (which is pretty amazing!)

Adding to this, if the training is done right you will still receive plenty of attention and achieve a super effective workout – we address this concern later.

Extra Motivation

The atmosphere that comes from the small group environment is often infectious which leads to smiles, more energy and that extra layer of motivation that is sometimes needed.

We aren’t saying that small group personal training is super competitive, but it does often help you push that little bit extra.

Small group personal training in worthing

It’s Personable

Yes, of course a 1-2-1 coach is going to be even more personable but that doesn’t mean it’s a huge a difference within a small group.

The right small group personal training coach will be able to lead you and the group through a super effective workout, whilst also tailoring the session to each individual’s wants and needs.

There might just be a little less small talk between you and the coach, but this is made up by the chat with the other people in the session!

Concerns people have with Small Group Personal Training?

I have an injury, can I still train in a group?

Yes 100%! The session is delivered in a small group and there is a programme planned out BUT it is still personal training… therefore the coach should always keep it PERSONAL!

A small group personal training coach should have a catalogue of exercises up their sleeve so they can always be flexible with the session to meet the client wherever they’re at.

At Intent91, we’ve had members with all sorts of injuries from their pasts, but we’ve always been able to tailor the session around their needs and wants.

I’m not very fit and worried I’ll be judged?

This is a very common concern about training in a small group but in fact we would argue that it’s actually a lot less intense than a 1-2-1 coach.

You won’t have someone watching your every move and you’re very likely to be training with someone who is at a similar stage to you in their health and fitness journey.

At Intent91, we’ve thrived to make the environment as non-intimidating as possible by removing any mirrors and creating a super friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Our pro tip – if you want to get started with small group personal training we would suggest spending time to find somewhere that you feel comfortable in!

Personal training in worthing

I’m a newbie, is small group personal training for me?

100%! Similar to the above, the session will still be tailored around you so the coach will meet you where you’re at.

I’m not very confident with the gym environment or meeting new people!

This holds back loads of people from starting their health and fitness journey and we aren’t surprised.

Big commercial gyms are scary, there’s no hiding from that.

You get big muscly men that dominate the free weights area, there’s no surprise that you don’t want to go.

This is where small group personal training comes into it’s own…

9/10 you’ll be in a group of like-minded people that are similar to you! Very often you’ll find that others in the group would have tried to train by themselves but didn’t enjoy it or they fear the gym environment completely – so from the get go you have a middle ground.

Adding to this, the right coach will be a great people person and be able to make you feel at ease immediately by introducing you to the group, and supporting you throughout the entire session (especially during the early stages, whilst you find your feet!). 

How do I find the right coach for me?

Now, you can’t believe everything you see on social media but check their online platforms and look for the following pieces of content:

  • Testimonials (videos ideally) – are they training others similar age to you?
  • Do they share educational content (do they know what they’re talking about?)
  • Do you feel like you know, like and can trust them?
  • Beware of coaches trying to sell you a dream of quick fat loss programmes or fad diets, these aren’t sustainable (again a topic for another day!).

Does the gym or personal trainer have Google Reviews that align with you?

Do the coaches seem approachable and that they have a genuine care for others?

These are just a few things to consider when deciding on a coach, but saying this, the best thing to do is give them a try!

Most coaches will have a free taster or a short trial which is perfect to get a feel for a coach and the type of training they deliver.

Smiles in the personal training session

A final note…

We’re not saying there isn’t a place for 1-2-1 coaching anymore (there definitely is), but in our opinion small group personal training is a much more enjoyable and sustainable way of training  – and is definitely more cost effective.

At Intent91, we run small group personal training sessions on the hour, every hour throughout the week and deliver the sessions to all ages and abilities – we honestly love it!

If you’re looking for a coach and think Intent91 is the place for you, then we’d love to have a chat! 

If you’re not local to Worthing, then don’t panic! We know lots of coaches up and down the country and we’re sure we could point you in the right direction of a gym or personal trainer near you.

Simply drop us an email, we’d love to help!


Written by Miles Branford