Are you looking to start training in the gym? At Intent91, we understand the concerns that people have before kickstarting their health and fitness journey. Which is why we thought we’d put together our tips for starting in the gym…

Before we get into it, we aren’t re-inventing the wheel here. In fact, these tips are fairly obvious but are very often overlooked.

Let’s get into tip number one.

Keep yourself safe

Going into a gym can be daunting and also pretty dangerous – especially if you’re just starting.

You wouldn’t jump straight into the deep end of a swimming pool without learning how to swim first or drive on a busy road the first time you’ve driven a car. The same applies here – it’s important to educate yourself around what to do in the gym, if you want to take it seriously and prevent any injuries.

How can you do this?

  • A personal trainer

Of course, our advice would be to hire a personal trainer that you know, like and trust and matches your wants and needs.

A personal trainer will provide you with the knowledge, support, motivation and hopefully result in you becoming autonomous within the gym environment so that one day you won’t need their help anymore.

Read more about the price of a personal trainer and just why it may benefit you here.

We aren’t suggesting that everyone needs a personal trainer within the gym. We just (obviously) feel that it can have a great upside to your health and fitness journey!

  • Educate yourself 

A major benefit of social media is that there are a load of great coaches out there, that give away plenty of amazing content for FREE (including us 😉).

tips for starting in the gym
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However, for every good YouTube channel and Instagram page that’s producing great content. There will be some that aren’t producing such good content. It’s important to vet who you’re taking advice from before you fall down the social media rabbit hole and start watching content creators that might not be that beneficial.

This is why a personal trainer is the best place to start as they will meet you where you’re at, completely tailoring everything around you. It’s impossible for someone to give you the exact advice over social media, as everyone is different.

  • Take it slow

When starting, the majority of injuries will come from lifting too heavy, too fast or trying advanced movements that aren’t necessary yet (and sometimes they never will be!).

You must focus on moving well, rather than trying to load up the barbell. Again, you wouldn’t jump straight into the deep end of the pool…

Even though we’re saying to take it slow, you still need to give it a try. It’s very common for people to fear the weight section and stay away whilst going on the cross trainer instead. This is also where a personal trainer can help out, as they will build your confidence to get yourself in the weights area.

  • Fuel your body 

Time for another analogy… you wouldn’t not put fuel in your car and expect it to drive, so don’t do the same to your body!

When people are on a mission to lose weight, they often cut out as many calories as possible. In THEORY, this will result in you potentially operating in a calorie deficit. Combine this approach with training in the gym and you’ll quickly find that you have very little energy (just like a car with no fuel!).

In addition, protein is crucial when you start training as it supports the repair and growth of muscles, which means you can continue training.

Another important consideration is hydration! You should be aiming to drink 3-4 litres of water per day.

personal trainer worthing

Enjoy what you do

This is potentially the most important consideration when starting your health and fitness journey… finding something you actually enjoy!

Now, some people will argue that no matter what they try, exercise isn’t for them and we understand this. Saying this, there will always be some form of exercise that you prefer over others. This could be anything from dog walking, running, weight training to horse riding. The list is endless.

Even though we’re a personal training gym, we aren’t going to preach that you should weight train or go to the gym.

Finding something that you enjoy is crucial. It means you will stick with it long term instead of trying something and just giving up…

personal trainer worthing, enjoy what you do

Take rest days

It’s extremely important to look after yourself. Not every day will you feel like training or want to go to the gym (this is normal!), you must listen to your body when starting your health and fitness journey.

We recently wrote a blog on how often you should train, which provides loads of value on just how often you should get down to the gym at the beginning.

Final note…

Your progression within the gym will never be linear it’s likely you’ll take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. However, these tips will provide you with a fundamental base to build and move the needle towards your goals.

If you live in the Worthing area and think you’d benefit from a personal trainer then please do reach out! We specialise in small group personal training, and tailor everything around your wants and needs.

Simply drop us an email, we’d love to have a chat and find out more about you.