Follow these tips for improving your running style!

Don’t skip the warm-up

Take time to warm up with dynamic stretching before jumping straight into a run, this primes the body increases blood flow, and loosens muscles which allow you to perform optimally.

Include Interval Training

Instead of making every run long and at a continuous speed, introduce interval running. For example;

1k run

2-minute recovery walk


Take Rest Days

Factor rest days into your schedule, your body needs time to recover and adapt to the training. We advise you to take at least 1 day between each run.

Appropriate Running Surface

Many people experience joint pain as a result of regular running sessions, we recommend you avoid running on surfaces like concrete and opt for more suitable surfaces like grass and treadmills which are slightly more forgiving and less impactful on the joints!

Regular Strength Training

One of the best ways to improve your running performance is to develop strength, stability, and power through a structured strength training program. This will also keep you pain and injury-free, aim for 2-3 strength-focused sessions more week.

Avoid the Dreaded Stitch

Sometimes there’s no logical explanation for a stitch, however not consuming large quantities of food and liquids 1-2 hours before heading out, as well as taking time to find a good breathing rhythm will put you in good stead to stay stitch-free

Track Performance

Apps such as Strava & Nike-Run Club are a fantastic way of tracking your progress and measuring each run, what gets measured gets managed however, it’s not sensible neither realistic to achieve personal bests every time, so manage expectations.

Final Note…


Overall, running is a fantastic way to improve your cardiovascular system and take your mind off whatever is going on at that moment in time.

However, it is important to treat running like any normal work out with an in-depth warm-up and rest days. Alongside this, running is an excellent way to complement your strength training but overrunning can damage your joints so it’s important to mix up your training.

We hope you enjoyed our top tips for running at Intent91.

Written by George Branford, Head Coach at Intent91.