Our journey started on the 5th June 2020, when founders George Branford and Emily Riggs received the keys to 91 Ashacre Lane, now known as INTENT91 The Barn – a personal training gym in Worthing.

It took two years of searching for the right property and attempting to gain council permission to get to this point. George continued his personal training business in and around the Worthing area, whilst building a fabulous community that is still training with us today!

The pair never gave up and now we have opened our gym doors to our incredible Founding Members.

We are ecstatic with the build and the atmosphere we and our members have created around the place.

the keys to our new personal training gym in worthing
George and Emily with the keys

Rewind back to June 2020, when the new HQ looked very different (as you can see below!).

our new worthing gym before the work was done

A 200-year-old flint barn that had been used to build windows couldn’t have been further from Worthing’s most state of art personal training gym.

We knew a lot of hard work hard had to go into making this into our dream gym, but we were ready for the challenge…

Finding a gym in Worthing

When it came to searching for a gym location, especially in the West Sussex area, it was very difficult to find exactly the following things:

  • A car park.
  • Council permission to change the usage to a gym (the rules have now actually changed).
  • Is it big enough?
  • Finally, and maybe most importantly – is it in the right location? Can our current members easily get to it? If not, will the new location have a demand for personal training.

These were all factors we had to consider when we were deciding on where to actually locate our personal training gym.

When this location in Worthing came available, we thought it was perfect!

  • It had a nice sized car park.
  • The Council had approved planning permission and change of usage.
  • The actual size was big enough.
  •  And 91, Ashacre Lane, Worthing was the perfect location for us to build our first (of hopefully many) personal training gyms in Sussex!

The actual build

Day one saw family members come down and tear the inside out, knocking down walls, cladding, windows and more. We barely scratched the surface and after a few hours decided to leave and let the professionals crack on the following week.

family in the new worthing gym
All the family pitched in on day one

With no experience with developing a property, our founders knew the next few months could have been very interesting.

In addition, George was still delivering 40-50 personal training sessions a week, leaving it down to Emily…

We think she did an amazing job – (we think you may agree by the end of this blog!)

Anyway, let’s get into the build!

Your House Carpentry and Building made excellent progress with the demolishing of the old building and planning of the layout for the reception area, bathrooms, massage and changing rooms.

As you can see below, this was the reception area after we had ripped out the existing walls and cleared as much as we possibly could.


It’s hard to believe that we’ve managed to turn this old building into something truly special…

Our goal has been to create a gym that is the best personal training gym in Worthing! This is from the personal training, facility to the general atmosphere.

So, therefore we spent time, energy and money on building a facility that is truly better than anywhere else in Sussex.

Adding to this, we don’t just mean the best-in-class gym equipment – we mean changing rooms, that smell fresh (every day, not just in the opening week), showers that have premium shower gel and are super clean!

We’re pretty confident that we’ve managed to achieve this, but take a look for yourselves below…

worthing gym premium changing room

Entering August 2020 and it was all hands on deck with the driveway being dug up, bathrooms fitted, cladding installed, and wooden floor laid throughout. Neo Electrical did a fantastic job at giving INTENT91 light as our amazing INTENT91 signs shine out the front of the gym, in the chill out area and also the gym – where the magic happens.

Installing the gym equipment

The installation of the gym equipment was the big finale, which we are honestly over the moon about. BLK BOX fitted out the space with top-of-the-range gym equipment, which offers excellent functionality for our members.

personal trainer

The first session at INTENT91 took place on 14th August 2020 – we would like to thank Sarah, Rach, Dylan, Nick, Phil, Penny and Paul who all very kindly volunteered as our guinea pigs for the day and were fantastic!

Personal training gym in worthing
Founder Members take part in the first ever session held at INTENT91

Finally, creativity and problem-solving from all the different contractors was imperative to the success of INTENT91 HQ. We would all like to say a huge thank you to Your House Carpentry and Building, Neo Electrical, Jenkins Plumbing and Heating, Prime Decor, Pavilion Graphics, Dockerills and BLK BOX.

Our first week had an incredible atmosphere, with each and every Founding Member training at a high standard and with intent!

We cannot wait for the future of INTENT91 and for you to start or continue your fitness journey with us!

This part of the blog was written back when we opened our doors in September 2020…


  • We’ve delivered hundreds of personal training sessions
  • The INTENT91 community has grown and we’ve now got loads of new faces around HQ
  • Finally, we’ve created some truly unforgettable memories

In short, we’re getting on pretty well!

The past 18 months have thrown everything they can at us…

From a global pandemic to online critics, we’ve kept strong and stayed focused on our mission; to become the number one place for personal training in Worthing and build a community that is unmatched in the South East of England.

We’ve taken on Tough Mudder, completed a 60+ person hike over Cissbury ring, raised £3,595 for Movember and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

movember at our worthing gym


So many of our members are now feeling better both mentally and physically by moving well and often by finding a health and fitness journey that is not only sustainable but also super enjoyable!


Since we last updated this blog, a LOT has happened to say the least…

The biggest news is that we now have a second INTENT91 personal training gym!!!

We’re so excited and proud that we’ve managed to grow our brand to a point where we could open up a second gym and help more people with their health and fitness journey, this time in Brighton.

The official location of INTENT91 The Brewery is:

The Old Brewery, South Street, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 2LG – no prizes for guessing where ‘INTENT91 The Brewery’ came from…

personal training gym in brighton
The Old Brewery in Brighton

We couldn’t be happier with the location and space of our second gym.

It ticks all the boxes:

  • Unique building, that has so much history
  • Homely and warm feeling the moment you walk through the doors
  • A space bigger than our Worthing gym so we can offer even more small group personal training sessions!

This location in Brighton has actually been in the pipeline for over 12 months but due to delays in the development, it took us longer than expected to get the keys.

However, once we got our hands on the keys it felt even better!

Below are some images before Emily did her magic in making The Old Brewery in Brighton our second home.

personal training gym before the build 2
personal training gym before build in brighton

Admittedly this build wasn’t as big of a job as Worthing.

However, we did have to put our stamp on it and make it the most special personal training gym in Brighton.

Emily did another fantastic job, take a look below:

reception of brighton personal training gym
INTENT91 The Brewery in Brighton
personal trainer in brighton
Main small group personal training room in Brighton
personal trainer in brighton
personal trainer in brighton
Our classes room in our Brighton gym

How is it going?

Pretty amazing…

We had an absolutely incredible response to our Founding Memberships that sold out!

Our doors opened for Founding Members only on Monday 28th November 2022 where they could enjoy early access to our new gym!

We then entered 2023…

January is a busy time for any gym but it has been even busier for INTENT91 as we had our official open day on Saturday 28th January which went incredibly well.

Lizzie Deane, the Mayor of Brighton officially cut the ribbon to our new gym which was a nice touch.

personal trainer in brighton open day
Lizzie Deane offcially opening INTENT91 The Brewery

A day to remember for sure!

Not only can we now help more people in Sussex with their health and fitness journey, but we also have the perfect team of personal trainers in Brighton, meet them below!

the personal trainers at our brighton gym
Meet Coaches Ben, Alex, Nick & Sarah

We couldn’t be happier with our coaching team in Brighton, they are everything we were looking for and more!

Friendly and non-intimidating people who have a passion for helping others with their health and fitness journey.

If you live in Brighton and would like to find out how you can get started at INTENT91, then simply book a call HERE – we’d love to welcome you to our community!

So how is our Worthing gym doing?

INTENT91 The Barn in Worthing is in a fantastic place.

We’ve continued to welcome new friendly faces to our community and the team has grown as well!

Since February 2022, we’ve had 3 new team members join The Barn team in Worthing.

We’re delighted to introduce Rachel, William and Paul below!

our personal trainers in worthing

Similar to our Brighton team, they’re a smiley and friendly team that are the best in class in making you feel comfortable in the gym environment.

Is anything else new?

Well, yes!

We’ve also announced that our next gym will be located in Horsham – we’re still in the process of building INTENT91 3.0 so we’re asking if you could be as patient as possible (we promise we’re doing everything we can!)

You can register your interest in INTENT91 Horsham HERE

That’s all for now…

We’ve certainly been busy but we aren’t stopping yet!

We have a big challenge ahead of us to make all 3 gyms a success but we can’t wait for it.