This blog is all about getting to know these awesome bunch a bit more! So, let’s get into it!

George Branford, Founder and Coach

What do you love about training?

The reason I love training is because of the way it makes me feel, it energises me and allows me to show up as my best self.

There’s no denying some days are a struggle, it’s not always easy to get yourself up and active but I never regret it. It’s that feeling of accomplishment after each workout that keeps me coming back.

What is the best thing about working at Intent?

The people 100%!

There is a unique atmosphere at Intent91, everyone involved, coaches and members always go out of their way to be friendly, helpful and supportive of each other.

The best thing is it never really feels like work, when I’m there I’m in a flow state and the time flies by!

An interesting fact about yourself…

I’m not sure I’ve told this to anyone before but I used to be a professional football player, whilst I never made a professional appearance I got the opportunity to live out my childhood dream for a short while which will stay with me forever.

Professional sport taught me some invaluable lessons and has certainly shaped the person I am today!

football contract
George signing professional Portsmouth FC contract

Coach Nat, Gym Manager

What do you love about training?

Training 3 times per week as it gives me confidence, makes me feel better about myself and really helps to clear my head!

I try to jump in as many Small Group Personal Training sessions at Intent91 as I can each week as I really thrive from being coached and being held accountable to work hard, when I train alone I can get lazy and not push myself.

I also absolutely love to get a chance to train alongside and catch up with our members without having my coaching cap on!

What is the best thing about working at Intent91?

Where do I start!

Our team and members are a dream, coming to work is an absolute joy.

I love working alongside like-minded people who share the same core values and work ethic is so inspiring! I also genuinely look forward to seeing and coaching our members always striving to make that hour of their day, the best hour of their day.

A close second is Jackie our Front of House, who makes me the best morning cappuccino every time she’s in which helps me power through my shift!

An interesting fact about yourself…

I have a degree in Fashion Design womenswear from many moons ago (as if you didn’t know I’m one of the older team members!) prior to finding my passion for fitness!

I worked in London for 5 years designing womenswear, I was fortunate enough to get to travel a lot, I used to travel to LA about 3 times a year to shop for the latest trends as well as Paris, Tokyo and Brazil.

personal trainer worthing

Connor, Head Coach

What do you love about training?

The reason I love training is that it makes me a better human.

I am a big believer in training to live and my life is hugely enhanced by what training brings me. Mentally it puts me in a positive frame of mind and physically it makes me feel ready for the dancefloor on a Saturday night.

I also love to beat George when we train together, healthy competition!

What is the best thing about working at Intent?

Our unique and special environment really fills me with energy. Bringing others a sense of achievement and getting to know our super friendly and interesting members.

I love seeing others find a passion for training and I love Matt Punter.

An interesting fact about yourself…

Although George had a year as a professional footballer I am the best footballer at Intent. I played in the 2nd round of the FA cup back in 2019 and when it really mattered I got cramp live on BT Sport.

Connor B
Evidence of Connor live on BT Sport.

Rachel, Junior Coach

What do you love about training?

There are many reasons I love training!

It makes me feel more alive as a person and has a positive impact on making my day 10x better. If I am honest some days I do struggle, but then I remind myself of those many reasons and never regret a workout!

What is the best thing about working at Intent?

I have been working at Intent91 for two months now and cannot believe how quickly time has passed! The atmosphere and energy within the training club is such a joy to be a part of.

I love coaching our members and having an awesome impact on their day!

I also enjoy creating content with marketing Miles and putting my dance degree to good use through the dance-offs.

An interesting fact about yourself…

Before becoming a coach, my job was long-haul cabin crew for 4 years!

rachel cabin crew

Prior to covid I worked on a commercial airline and had the opportunity’s see many parts of the world. I can easily say I’ve been to New York 50+ times now!

Post covid I worked for a cargo airline, where I mainly flew to China to collect lateral flow test kits.

I had to wear full PPE to and from the aircraft (see evidence below!).

covid-19 rachel cabin crew

A final note

Hopefully, you know the coaches at Intent91 a little more!

If you’d like to meet the team or find out a bit more about Intent91, please do get in touch!