Stretch Exercises by Intent91

The benefits of stretching are unanimous with greater flexibility, better posture, less back pain, improved blood flow, and so on (Healthline, 2019). Therefore, at Intent91 we put on a weekly stretch class for all of our members so we can educate and explore new stretch exercises for them to carry out in their own time.

This routine will take you no longer than 15 minutes and will most certainly complement your training if you repeat consistently over a number of weeks 👊

1) Cat/Camel
2) Ankle stretch
3) Lizard stretch
4) Pigeon/Hip flexor stretch
5) Adductor stretch with thoracic rotation
6) Shoulder extension stretch
7) Lat stretch
8) Inchworm
9) Squat with thoracic rotation
10) Couch stretch

We’d advise you hold each stretch for 60 seconds or more, also feel free to pause the video if you feel any particular stretch needs more attention!

Enjoy and if you find this video beneficial please reach out to us! 📧