Tip 1: Do full-body workouts

You may have heard some gym goers train a single muscle group per day, for example, “today I’m training arms”.

For some people, this way of training is effective, however, unless you’re training 5 times a week and have been strength training for a long period of time this method is not necessarily the most effective way!

Rather than focusing on one muscle group, focus on full-body workouts.

What does this look like?

Below is an example of an Intent91 programme.

weight training programme
An example of an Intent91 training programme.

Why is this better?

Doing full body workouts will mean you target more muscle groups and achieve a much more effective and efficient workout every time.

The average gym goer trains 2-3 times a week, in which case targeting only one muscle group each time will mean you will miss muscles.

Another bonus is that full body workouts are way more enjoyable and the exercises are more varied, so you don’t get bored.

weight training for beginners gym

Tip 2: Training little and often

We’ve all been there (even as personal trainers).

You’ve just got a new gym membership, and you want to go every single day and smash your goals!

However, after two weeks your body starts to ache, you’re getting a bit sick of going to the same place each night and you lose interest.

This results in you giving up and going back to your old ways!

This is one of the biggest tips when beginning strength training. Rather than focusing on short-term goals and getting carried away by lifting heavier weights every time, focus on building a sustainable training programme that allows you to get up the stairs the next day.

At the end of the day, you’ve probably started going to the gym because you want to improve your quality of life. The last time we checked, not being able to sit on the toilet isn’t what you were looking for.

Remember to focus on sustainability over intensity – this is an Intent91 golden rule!

Tip 3: Slowing everything down

Don’t be in such a rush!

Slow the exercise down.

You’ve probably seen bootcamps in the park where people are doing squats at 100mph but that’s not a very effective way to train, especially when strength training and could lead to you getting injured.

Rather than rushing through each exercise (even if you don’t really want to be at the gym…), try slowing it down and focusing on your technique.

If you do this, you’re less likely to get injured and will achieve a much more effective workout, which will mean you’ll reach your goals much quicker.

Not sure what the right technique is?

This is when hiring a personal trainer might be the best option.

Take a look at this blog, where we discuss how much a personal trainer costs and exactly why you might need to hire one.

Tip 4: Forget about burning calories

Another easy mistake, but when it comes to strength training its time to forget about burning calories.

Often people determine the success of a workout on how much they are sweating.

This mindset could leave you feeling quite unfulfilled when strength training, as you might not always produce a bucket load of sweat!

Instead, focus on how you’re moving and how strong you feel. You can keep track of your weights over time if you want a way to measure your progression.

Please note that tracking weights can help track progression, but some days you will feel stronger than others. Your strength training journey will not be linear – just something to bear in mind.

At Intent91, we ask our members to focus on how they feel and explain that improving their overall quality of life is the main goal! Becoming stronger is an additional bonus, alongside ALL the other amazing benefits!

Unsure of the benefits?

Well, take a look here at just some of the key benefits of strength training especially if you’re in your 50s.

training in your 50s mike

Tip 5: Just show up!

Finally, the most important thing to focus on when beginning strength training is…


Some days it will be easier than others, but just consistently showing up will get you well on the way to achieving your goals!

Here are some tips for just showing up:

  • Make sure it fits into your life

For example, find a gym that is easy to get to.

Whether that be close to your home or on the way to work, finding a gym that is convenient is essential when it comes to keeping consistent.

  • Find something you enjoy

If you’ve read this far, we’re assuming you’re interested in strength training but of course, this comes in many different forms.

You could find a personal trainer, or join a small group personal training gym to help you stay engaged and achieve your goals quicker.

At Intent91, the atmosphere in our small group personal training sessions is truly special and makes strength training extra enjoyable.

  • Get into a routine

Getting into a routine will help you create a habit, resulting in you becoming much more consistent!

  • Join a club!

We might be biased but we believe joining a community of like-minded people will make your training experience much more enjoyable, than joining a big busy commercial gym.

A final note…

Here are our five things for beginners when strength training:

1. Do full-body workouts

2. Training little and often

3. Slowing everything down

4. Forget about burning calories

5. Just show up!

All that’s left to do now, is to get training!

If you live in or near Worthing and would like support and guidance with your strength training journey, then we’d absolutely love to help!

Simply get in touch here!