Are you scared of the gym?

It’s January 2023, which means that many people will be starting their health and fitness journey.

However, you might actually feel too nervous or anxious to walk through the doors…

Here are our top tips for getting over the fear of the gym:

  • Make it easy
  • Ask for help/advice
  • Find your WHY (what is your motivator)
  • Go with a friend
  • Find the right environment

Let’s dive a little bit deeper…

Tip 1: Make it easy

This tip is rather broad and applies to anything that will make actually going to the gym a little easier.

Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Choose a gym that is close to your home or work.
  • Find a gym that welcomes newbies or a personal trainer that teaches you the fundamentals – you don’t want to start your journey by jumping into a high-intensity gym class where you feel out of place.
  • Don’t bite off too much! If you’re new to the gym, don’t set yourself up for failure by planning to train every day of the week – start slow and build it up!stop fearing the gym in 2023 personal trainer brighton and hove

Tip 2: Ask for help/advice!

Now, you aren’t alone, we’ve all had that fear of walking into a gym and not having a clue what to do. It’s so common and is potentially the biggest factor that holds people back.

Of course, as a personal training gym, we’re biased, however, we would suggest asking a personal trainer within the gym or online (whoever you feel more comfortable talking to!).

Most personal trainers (especially the good ones) will give you advice and tips for free but if you are too nervous to ask there is plenty of information online or on social media etc.

Tip: make sure you’re following/getting your information from a trusted source. We may be biased, but at INTENT91 we post content daily on our Instagram which you can find HERE, and we’re trusted by hundreds of our members!

Tip 3: Find your WHY (what is your motivator)

You may have heard the book Find Your WHY by Simon Sinek, and it’s all about finding what really drives you.

It’s often easy to just think you want to start fitness to look good on holiday or fit into a dress for a wedding but this is often very short-term… the goal is to think further ahead and set longer-term goals.

What is your ACTUAL reason for getting into fitness…

It could be that you want to be fit and healthy for your children or maybe you need more energy to be productive at work.

What is your true motivator…

personal trainer in brighton and worthing

Tip 4: Go with a friend

This is a fantastic tip that helps a lot of people actually get started with their health and fitness journey.

Going with a friend helps lower the barrier and gives you a comfort blanket that will ease you into the gym environment.

Most gyms offer their members a free pass for a friend or family member, so try to make use of this!

Tip 5: Find the right environment

Finally, but arguably most important.

You could use all our tips above, but actually still find the gym quite intimidating.

Weird right?

Well, here is a secret… some gyms just are quite intimidating!

However, not all gyms are!

At INTENT91, we’re a personal training gym and we’ve strived to create a super-friendly and non-intimidating environment that makes you feel comfortable every single time.

personal trainer in brighton and worthing

Finding the right gym is a little bit like dating. It often takes a few attempts to find the one, but don’t get disheartened there is a gym out there for you!

The gym stereotype is that they are often full of big muscly men but this simply isn’t true in every gym.

finding a personal trainer for you in brighton and worthing

Final note…

To recap:

  • Make it easy
  • Ask for help/advice
  • Find your WHY (what is your motivator)
  • Go with a friend
  • Find the right environment

We hope this helps you over the fear of the gym in 2023!

If you ever need any help then just drop us a message HERE or reach out to us on Instagram @intent91_

We’re always happy to help, even if you just need some free advice.