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Small group personal training for women

Small Group Personal Training

Benefit from the same level of attention to detail you would in a 1-2-1 while enjoying the added bonus of a motivating, inspiring group dynamic.

What does it mean?

Our group sessions are restricted to a maximum of six people, this way our coaches are able to deliver a hands-on, personalised experience. The workouts will be tailored to each member to best suit their individual needs, while you also benefit from the group dynamic and being around like-minded, supportive people.

Why Small Group Personal Training

Expert Coaching

A coach will take you through an evaluation session to better understand your goals then design a programme to suit them

Cost Effective

All the same benefits of one-to-one training in a much more complete, cost effective package, SGPT is the future of personal training.


Manage your own training schedule via the INTENT91 app with slots available throughout the day/week you can find a routine that suits you.

Supportive Community

There's a great camaraderie within our small group sessions, you’ll feel the benefit of extra motivation because of the support from the group.

Everything you need, under one roof

Compliment small group sessions with unlimited classes, monthly 1-2-1 reviews, nutritional advice, manual therapy, and more, providing you with the complete health and fitness package.

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