Worthing gym – Intent91 has officially opened


We opened the doors to our new Worthing gym by inviting everyone in Worthing down to check out our gym!

Being our first gym, we wanted to go big!

Small group personal training is at the heart of what do. Saying this, it’s a bit of an unknown training method. Read our blog here to find out all about small group personal training.

We wanted to invite everyone from Worthing down to actually experience small group personal training and see what it’s like to train in our gym!

We were giving away free taster sessions to experience our super friendly, non-intimidating and fun personal training.

Personal Training Tasters

We had 30-minute taster session slots which were full of energy and great enthusiasm from all the attendees.

This gave everyone that came a good chance to meet the team, check out the gym and ask any questions they may have!

After the taster personal training sessions, we also opened our doors to everyone that just wanted to check out the gym. We received some fantastic feedback and even signed up some new members into the Intent91 team!

New gym in worthinggym in worthing new

What else did we do?

We went all out for the launch of our first gym…

It was a pleasure to welcome the Mayor of Worthing – Lionel Harman and the Mayoress – Karen Harman to Intent91. They very kindly cut the ribbon and opened the next chapter to our story here at HQ.

Blush & Bramble’s 1970’s converted caravan joined us with their tasty coffees and snacks, alongside Sweaty Betty who brought their new range and offered a 20% of all items!

The atmosphere around the entire day was perfect! We couldn’t have had a better launch to our new gym if we tried.

new gym in worthing

What’s next?

We are so excited for the next chapter and to welcome new trialists into our state-of-the-art training club.

Well done and thank you to our Founding Members who have made the first 4 weeks at Intent91 unforgettable. You guys remind us every day why we love coaching and creating a community where people can only progress!new gym in worthing If there’s one thing we know in such unprecedented times, it’s that looking after our physical and mental health and wellbeing is more important than ever! If you’re looking for a positive and enthusiastic approach to fitness, we’d love to have you join our thriving community.

We have now launched the Intent91 trial, which gives you our optimal membership access for 30 days, which includes 12 small group personal training sessions, unlimited access to classes, MyZone belt and nutritional support for just £149. Please get in touch to find out more and let’s start achieving your goals!

We would also like to say thank you to NOCO, WOWHYDRATE and The Protein Ball Co.

Thank you to our members, family and friends that popped in during the open day supporting our official launch! 🚀