Many clients believe they will never be able to perform a pull up, however this simply isn’t true.

We often here:

  • I’m not strong enough
  • I weigh too much

At Intent91, our personal training programmes are designed so that they can meet anyone where they’re at.

No matter their age or fitness level, our gym is built so that exercise is accessible to all!

How to perform your first pull up?

Here’s 3 exercises we include in our programming to help our members develop the strength required to perform an unassisted pull up!

Band assisted

This is your first step!

The band offers the most assistance at the most challenging part, allowing you to get some reps completed.

The band helps us get out of the bottom of the pull up, which is the hardest part, allowing you to achieve the full range of movement.


Just performing the lowering part of a pull up is, of course easier however, it is a great way to build strength & control through the full range of movement.


With the top part being the position everyone wants to achieve, it’s helpful to get used to building strength there with 5-10 seconds holds!

This is a great way to build muscles in the core areas to be able to perform an unassisted pull up.

At Intent91 we train a range of fitness levels and have the experience to be able to adapt programmes so that they are tailored to the needs of the individual.

Give them a go yourself or let the coaches at INTENT91 help you! 💪