I know first hand after spending many years as a 1-2-1 personal trainer how challenging it can be to find a time and frequency of training that suits the clients life.

As a 1-2-1 personal trainer I was unable to offer any flexibility and very limited availability, this meant my clients would end up missing sessions and losing out on them because I could only offer them a fixed slot each week, frustrating right? 🤯

This was what inspired our small group personal training model, it allows a lot more flexibility and availability around booking sessions, we have sessions running every hour on the hour throughout the day so you don’t have to find a time that works for the coach, you just find a time that works for you and your life!

So not only is the small group model as safe and effective as 1-2-1 personal training with the way we tailor the workout to each individuals wants and needs, you have complete autonomy over when you train.

Ultimately this means no matter how crazy your life gets with children, work or socialising etc there’s always an option for you to get the training done!

If it’s a priority of course 😜

If this has inspired you to find out more about our personal training club, let’s jump on a call!

Written by Founder, George Branford