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You’ll be in the thick of it, providing your expertise of coaching on the gym floor in a friendly and non-intimidating way!

As an INTENT91 coach, it’s imperative that you have a genuine care for the safety of members and build honest relationships to support them with their goals.

The objective is that after each session our members walk out feeling better than when they arrived. 🚀



To coach our small group personal training and larger group training class services in line with INTENT91’s standards.

To provide an unrivalled personal, friendly and non-intimidating experience to our members.

To maintain a safe environment for our members to train in as well as uphold the highest standard of personal presentation.

To support the INTENT91 Marketing Team where necessary with everything from content creation, to in-person events.

To carry out tours of the training club for potential new members and aid in the sales systems and operations.

INTENT91 will support and provide you with the required further education to ensure you maintain the highest level of knowledge within the industry and continue to develop as a coach.

You may be required to contribute to the INTENT91 program blueprint, assisting the Head coach with programme design.



Level 3 qualified personal trainer.

You have great energy and enthusiasm.

A burning desire to get better each day.

A team player! You actively help and support others.

Do things with purpose and INTENT (we had to get it in there!)

Finally, but most importantly ENJOY what you do!



Full-time employed position

28 days annual leave

Professional Development – we pride ourselves on providing expert coaching and this can only happen if we continually invest in our coaches self-development.

Unlimited access to train at any INTENT91 location.

Quarterly team lunches and events.



We want to get to know you a little better!

We’re asking that all applicants send us over a 1 minute introduction video, answering the following questions:

Your name?
Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Why you think you’re a good fit for the INTENT91 brand?
An interesting fact about yourself?

Once recorded, please send your video to

Good luck 💪

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