Here at INTENT91, we know that it can be a daunting time when looking to join a gym.

We love the enthusiasm that the turn of a New Year brings, but despite starting with the best intentions, we are surely not the only ones to see our ‘resolutions’ falling by the wayside when it gets towards the end of January.

With that in mind, we wanted to share our top tips on how you can set your best foot forward when it comes to your health and fitness in 2023.

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, we believe these 5 points will help you feel much better equipped to find success with your training.

Tip 1 – Consistency over intensity

When starting out on, or returning to, your training journey it is very easy to over-commit.

We set the barrier to entry pretty high and fall into the belief that we need to train every day, do 10,000 steps, restrict our calories and completely overhaul our habits.

This is all meant in the best possible way, but it is hard to keep this level of intensity up for any length of time.

Our busy lives get in the way or we can experience fatigue and poor recovery from such a drastic change to our daily habits.

Pushing this hard for a matter of weeks is unlikely to show any meaningful change, however, picking just 1 or 2 of these things and nailing them over a period of months or years will compound to deliver incredible changes.

It’s important to be realistic with what you can manage, not only with your current fitness levels, but also with family, work and social commitments.

Set yourself up for success by starting small and building up as necessary…

You often need a lot less than you think to see awesome progress!

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Tip 2 – Your best on the day is good enough

We are not athletes that are prepping for a competition.

We have lots of things going on in our lives that leave us feeling tired, stressed or mentally preoccupied.

Having a training plan that can be adapted to meet you where you are on any given day is key!

Some days we can push it hard but it’s also important to know when to scale back and tick the box.

Similar to point 1, if we are pushing the needle too hard and neglect the accumulative stresses that are placed on us from elsewhere in our lives then at some point something has to give.

When we play the long game and focus on longevity, then one workout isn’t going to make or break our progress.

Take a zoomed-out view and do the best you can under the circumstances of how you are feeling each day – this over time will pay dividends like making deposits in the bank.

You can’t win them all – but show up and give it your best!

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Tip 3 – Work with what you have got

There will be many excuses that crop up day to day that can make it hard to stick to a plan. There is traffic, the kids are sick, you are called into a late meeting…

All these things can and will occur, so having a backup plan to get something done is always better than nothing!

That could be still getting to the gym but only completing your first few sets…

It could be skipping your plan but opting for a higher-intensity circuit to get the box ticked in a shorter time…

Or maybe you just go for a walk!

Finding a time of day when you are less likely to be derailed (like 6 am) can be an awesome way to get your session in as a priority…

This means that ‘things’ cropping up throughout the day will not interfere with your time to work on you..

Set yourself up to attack the day and show up as your best self!

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Tip 4 – Strong not skinny

The media these days breeds the perception that everyone is in incredible shape and that we must constantly be striving to make ourselves smaller.

Whilst fat loss may be a valid goal for some people, we very much encourage training and exercise as a way to improve your strength, your fitness and your overall well-being.

Don’t just spend your time aimlessly moving around the cardio kit as a way to ‘burn calories’… make sure you are training with intent (see what we did there) and purpose!

Even people who know what they are doing in a gym are leaving a lot on the table by just making it up as they go along.

We firmly believe that each training session should follow a framework that progresses over time and works with you to improve how you move, how you feel and how you perform.

Learn to fall in love with the process and celebrate the awesome things you can do rather than an arbitrary number on the scale!

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Tip 5 – Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you need some electrical work done at home, you call an electrician.

If you need your tap sorted then you call a plumber.

When you learn to drive then you find a driving instructor.

It’s ok to not have a clue about what to do when it comes to the gym…

Even if you don’t see yourself having personal training or support longer term, you can still use it as a tool to learn the basics. See it as an investment in yourself to create the foundations that will support you with your training goals, making sure you are getting the most out of your effort and staying injury free for continued success over time.

We spend so long looking up at the top of the mountain stressing about how far we had to climb.

A final note…

Here are our 5 tips for joining a gym in 2023…

  • Consistency over intensity
  • Your best on the day is good enough
  • Work with what you have got
  • Strong not skinny
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Whatever your reasons for joining the gym, the most important thing you can do for your health and fitness is to start somewhere. Take that first step and figure the rest out once you get going.

Training in the gym is not something you can ‘fail’ at so just keep showing up.

Of course, if you need any help from us here at INTENT91 then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Wishing you all the very best.

Written by Coach Nick

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