The time is always right to do what is right.

My first International Women’s Day as a mother.

Motherhood has brought me a new, resilient strength. Like many other first time parents experience, your whole perspective changes. I now look at the goings on of day to day life and think not about how they’ll impact me, instead how they’ll impact my son and the world he’s growing up in. This has been heightened with the latest global events and is the perfect example of how much work we still need to do towards equality in more ways than one way.

As a mother and business owner, you’d think what I’ve said above would reflect in the business side too. However, in many situations I have almost felt less respected and more undermined, especially by the opposite sex. It’s hard not to question your ability at a time when you’re trying to find your way through the very beginnings of parenthood, whilst trying to continue to lead and navigate a young business. But, I want to be the one to tell you, you can do it all, even on the days you really feel like you can’t.

It’s an absolute privilege to have the freedom to create an environment at Intent91 that I feel has always been missing in the industry. I like to think that anyone who walks through the door, whatever your background, whoever you are, feels overwhelming welcome, comfortable and feels a sense of belonging.

Gyms have been a traditionally male dominated place and can be intimidating for anyone, especially women. Striving to build confidence and help those to feel strong and empowered is at the heart of what we do and is what drives the business forward. Training and taking care of my mind and body, even more so after giving birth is the foundations of my confidence, so being able to give that to even just one other woman is something I am so grateful for.

In building a future for our family, I hope one day my son looks up to me, not only as a mother but as a strong and successful business woman. May he grow up in a world more free of judgment and discrimination.

I am so honoured to work alongside women who I admire for so many different reasons – Nat, Jackie & Amanda.

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Today is the day to lift each other higher and celebrate the success of every woman; we’re stronger when we cheer each other on.


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Written by Emily Riggs, Intent91 Founder