As a personal training gym based in Worthing and Brighton, it might seem funny to ask this question…

But the truth is, not everyone actually needs a personal trainer.

In fact, many people who go to the gym already are autonomous enough that a personal trainer would be a waste of money.

On the flip side, many people would benefit massively from having someone support, motivate and guide them through a workout.

We thought it would be beneficial to highlight 5 different reasons why you might need a personal trainer…

So, without further ado…


This one may seem fairly obvious.

What do you do when you turn 17 and start learning to drive? You hire a driving instructor.

Why? Because they have the knowledge, experience and tools to get you where you want to be faster aka passing your driving test.

Very similar to this, a personal trainer will teach you WHAT exercises to do, HOW to do them and SUPPORT you each step of the way.

Just like a driving instructor would do.

Of course, you can learn by yourself in your own car and with your parents…

However, this is probably going to take much longer and be a much more painful experience.

So, does this mean you only need a personal trainer to build the knowledge and confidence to tackle the gym world alone? Well technically, yes.

At INTENT91, we often see complete newbies start their fitness journey with us and then leave after they feel more comfortable in the gym.

Saying this, if you can relate to the following points, maybe you’ll need to keep your personal trainer’s phone number…

do i need a personal trainer in brighton


A gym buzzword.

In short, if you struggle to motivate yourself to get to the gym for one reason or another then a personal trainer will help.

How will they do this?

Take INTENT91 for example, we check in with our members if we haven’t seen them for 2 weeks.

This allows us to understand their problems and help solve them.

It’s often nothing too serious and it helps them regain focus and get themselves back into the gym.

Adding to this, a personal trainer won’t just hold you accountable for actually going to the gym but they will ensure you’re pushing yourself inside the gym.

How often have you been to the gym and given up halfway through? Or maybe you picked up a lower weight as you’re not in the mood.

Now this isn’t to say a personal trainer should be pushing you to your limits every session, but they should make it so you’re working hard and getting the most out of each workout.

personal training gym in brighton worthing



One of the biggest barriers to the gym is that it’s boring and not very enjoyable.

However, a personal trainer should change this narrative for example our small group personal training sessions are always filled with positive vibes that make working out so much more fun.

This should also be the same for a 1-2-1 personal trainer if you have the right one!

It shouldn’t just be the atmosphere that keeps the workout enjoyable. The exercises themselves should be varied and keep you on your toes because who else hates doing the same gym routine, time and time again…

do i need a personal trainer brighton worthing


Many people go to the gym and lift the same weights every time, do the same routine and stop/aren’t getting the results they desire.

This is very common and also frustrating.

However, the solution? Hire a personal trainer.

Why? They will give you the tools to take your training to the next level to achieve the goals you want.

It’s that simple!

Now, of course, sometimes you won’t need a personal trainer, you can YouTube stuff or Google the answers, but many people don’t have the time or energy to do this, in which case, hiring a personal trainer is the perfect solution.

A final note…

If you’re happy with your fitness journey right now, then you might not need a personal trainer.

However, if you…

  • Don’t know what to do.
  • Need to be held accountable.
  • Find exercise and the gym boring.
  • Aren’t seeing progression.

Then maybe, just maybe, a personal trainer is what you need!

If you live in Worthing, Brighton, Horsham or the surrounding areas then we’d absolutely love to help you.

Simply get in touch by clicking HERE and let us see how we can help you.