Here is 3 great exercises for a core workout that offers big bang for your buck when it comes to improving strength, resilience, and overall training performance!

We find core exercises that challenge your ability to create tension and stability more beneficial than your old fashion sit-ups/ crunches!

Follow the steps below to see how to perform this core workout.


Wall Pressing Deadbug – 10 Each Leg

The Deadbug is a great exercise to help strengthen the core, greatly increasing stabilization, not to mention balance and coordination which transfers well into general day to day tasks.

Once competent with this movement, there are many progressions to perform which makes the movement more challenging. To effectively perform this exercise, see the below steps:

  • Start by laying flat on the floor, drawing your shoulders down away from the ears. Now punch your arms upwards, directly above you.
  • Holding this position, bring both legs in so that your knees are at a 90-degree angle whilst simultaneously tucking the pelvis – ensuring our lower back is flat and tight to the floor.
  • Take a big breath in and now as you lower one leg, you extend the opposite arm back behind your head whilst exhaling the breath.
  • Now bring them back to that starting position and repeat on the opposite side, repeating for as many reps as set.
  • The challenge is to ensure as we extend both our leg and our arm, our lower back is still tight to the floor (this is why it is vital to maintain a tucked pelvis throughout).
core workout

Side Plank – 30 Seconds Each Side

The Side Plank is another great exercise that targets the obliques (the sides of our torso/abdominal muscles). Performing this type of exercise will massively increase stabilization throughout our trunk which will help in heavy compound movements. Not to mention it puts low stress on our lower backs and can be helpful for pregnant women. Helping balance as well as aiding and sustaining good posture. To carry out the Side Plank, see below:

  • We will begin on our right side, legs extended out, taking your top leg and placing your foot flat down on the floor stacked in front of your other leg/foot.
  • The right elbow is to be placed on the floor directly below your shoulder for maximum stability.
  • Now tuck your pelvis, engaging your abdominal muscles and lift your hips and knees from the floor so we are now elevated and holding our body in a straight line from toes to head.
  • Ensuring we stay nice and straight throughout the midsection, holding the tension in the core, try not to let your hips ‘dip’ to the floor. Holding this position for 30 – 60 seconds.
  • Once you have done the right side, you will switch to your left side and follow the same steps.
core workout

Bear Position Shoulder Taps – 10 Each Arm

This exercise is a challenging variation of the traditional Plank Shoulder Tap. Adding an additional challenge by recruiting more muscles such as the chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and core. Once again helping build strength, coordination, and balance. This exercise can also help strengthen and increase joint mobility in the hips, wrists, spine, knees, and ankles. To carry out this exercise, follow the below points:

  • Start by getting onto all fours, ensuring your hands are narrow and stacked directly below your shoulders. Your knees should also be on the floor in line with your hips.
  • From here, you want to lift your knees off of the floor whilst tucking your pelvis, hard and with intent, keeping the knees slightly off of the floor.
  • Now keeping this position, we alternate tapping our shoulders with your opposite hands for the desired amount of reps.
  • The challenge here is to maintain this position not allowing any rotation to occur through the hips, this is done by really maintaining a tucked pelvis and squeezing the core as hard as possible.
  • Key cues here are to not allow any rotation/twisting through the hips, maintain proper technique and try to avoid lifting the glutes/hips too high in the air (keep knees nice and low).
core workout

Aim for 3-4 sets of each exercise, always prioritising quality over quantity.

Give this core workout a try and see how you get on.

If you feel like you’d benefit from a coach that will help you perform these exercises more optimally, we’d love to help. Find out more about us here 💪