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Fitness Classes

Enjoy larger format classes too? We’ve got you covered with a variety of different workouts across the timetable.

Built to complement

Our classes are made up of slightly larger groups, aimed at a way of complementing your small group sessions to maximise results. They are coached the INTENT91 way, focussing on a variety of training modalities from aerobic conditioning work, building lean muscle or stretching to aid mobility and recovery.

Something for everyone


High energy intervals tailored to you using MyZone monitor, this class is designed to help members increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness while earning a huge calorie burn.


Our build class is focused on transforming the strength and shape of your upper body. There’s no doubt you'll feel the pump after this one!


A combination of strength and cardiovascular training methods, our Hybrid class will certainly get our members muscles, hearts and lungs working hard.


Improve your flexibility and mobility with our stretch class! This is perfect to help you recover from exercising and those for those want to feel less stiff.

Part of our blueprint of success

Classes are structured in a way that helps you get the best out of your time at INTENT91, the coach will personalise each workout to fit the members at every stage of the fitness journey.

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