We’ve put together a complete running series to prevent injury and improve your running technique, to enable you to beat your personal best!

Warming Up

Warming up before any exercise is extremely important, it dilutes blood vessels, ensuring your muscles are well supplied with oxygen. Furthermore, warming up slowly increases your heart rate, which minimises stress on your heart [1].

Stretching reduces the risk of causing an injury, it allows for a greater range of motion and eases the stress on the joints and tendons.

Get yourself primed with our go-to, pre-run, dynamic stretches, and activation drills demonstrated by Coach Em in the video below:

Dynamic Stretches:

1) Hamstring floor sweeps x 10/10
2) Lunge with rotation x 8/8
3) Knee hug x 10/10!

Complete 2-3 sets

Activation Exercises:

1) Single leg RDL 8/8
2) Glute bridge 10-12

The Perfect Running Technique

Everyone’s running style is unique to them, depending on strength, flexibility, and general body types.

Many of us love to get out and run but pay very little attention to the technique we use when doing so!

The goal is to run exerting as little effort as possible, become efficient & stay injury-free!

We’ve put together 5 tips that can transform the way you run, improving your performance and allowing you to enjoy the process more.

1) Maintain a tall posture

2) Keep your head up, gazing forward

3) Relax the shoulders

4) Find a controlled and relaxed breathing rhythm

5) Keep arms at 90 degrees, avoid clenching fists tightly as this exerts wasted energy

6) Ensure foot lands under the center of your body each stride

Watch Coach Em below demonstrate the perfect running technique 🏃‍♀️

Now Time To Run

To build up your cardiovascular fitness and running performance, give this interval training workout below a go.

It will improve your 5k and 10k running times and mixes up your training!

Let us know how you get on!

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