Here are our top 5 recommendations of things to do in Worthing. We’d like to add here that we’re a personal training gym, so of course, these recommendations are either great for getting you active or protecting your mental health!

So without further ado, here we go…


Visit the beach!

Admittedly, the English weather can sometimes let you down, but on a sunny day Worthing seafront is absolutely beautiful and there is loads you can do there!

You can take a nice stroll along the beach or the peaceful palm-tree promenade, take your mind off day to day stresses and also get those steps in.

There are plenty of nice cafes and bars that you can dip in and out of, along with Worthing Pier which provides an abundance of entertainment.

Location on map 📍

things to do in worthing beach
Worthing Beach

This leads to our next recommendation nicely, as you’ll be just around the corner…


Level 1 Worthing

Good food and drink what else do you need?

things to do in worthing level 1
Level 1 Worthing

Level 1 Worthing is the perfect place to socialise with friends and family as they host five amazing, local food and drinks vendors including:

  • Bison Beer

Bison Beer specialise in craft beer and also craft their own! Kickstarting their journey back in 2015 in Brighton and Hove, they have now expanded to Worthing. Bison Beer is a great local drinks company to supply the good times.

things to do in worthing bison beer
Bison Beer
  • Fika

If you haven’t tried Fika before, then you must! Their locally sourced sandwich menu is unbelievably yummy.

  • Wood X Coal

Wood X Coal bring the classic flavours of barbecue through their open fire oven.

  • Pizzaface

Pretty obvious. Pizzaface supplies mouth-watering pizzas!

  • Golden Barracuda

Golden Barracuda serve sustainably sourced, seafood street food, infused with globally inspired flavours. It tastes amazing!

The worst part of visiting Level 1 is having to make the tough decision of what to eat!

Location on map 📍


Cissbury Ring

A personal favourite of ours here at Intent91.

Cissbury Ring is located in Findon Valley. It’s the perfect place to take the family for a lovely Sunday morning stroll and enjoy a picnic, whilst also experiencing some stunning views!

Fun fact: Cissbury Ring is the largest hill fort on the South Downs, so make sure you’ve got your hiking boots on!

There is also free parking, which is always a bonus (beware, it is limited though!).

things to do in worthing cissbury ring dog
Cissbury Ring, Findon Valley in Worthing

Fancy a drink afterwards or forgot your picnic?

Don’t panic! The Gun Inn Pub has got you covered.

They offer tasty roasts and a wide range of locally sourced drinks! (Again, another favourite of ours).

things to do in worthing cissbury ring
The Gun Inn, Findon Valley

Location on map 📍


Out Of Bounds

Out Of Bounds is just outside of Worthing, but we thought it would be a good suggestion to all those parents out there!

What happens at Out of Bounds?

In short, everything!

Ten-pin bowling, kids holiday camp, pre-school climb and play, laser tag, adventure golf and more!

A fantastic place for the family to visit on a day out together.

The biggest problem for a parent is getting the children out of there!

Location on map 📍

things to do in worthing out of bounds
Out Of Bounds


Fire, Salt & Sea

A sauna right on the beach!

This is potentially the ultimate way to chill out. Switch off your phone and take some time for yourself.

Fire, Salt & Sea Finnish sauna is a converted horsebox that sits on Worthing Beach.

Give this a go next time you’re on the hunt for a chilled evening!

things to do in worthing Sauna
Fire, Salt & Sea sauna on Worthing beach


We hope this helps you to decide what to do when you’re visiting Worthing!

Here’s a rundown of our 5 top recommendations:

  • Worthing Beach
  • Level 1 Worthing
  • Cissbury Ring
  • Out Of Bounds
  • Fire, Salt & Sea

If you visit any of these places, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and get your thoughts!



Now yes we are very biased!

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