3 tips for finding a personal trainer that is right for you…

1) Research…

2) Try them out!

3) Did you enjoy it?

Let’s dive deeper…

As a gym that specialises in personal training, we feel that we’re in a fairly strong position to give you advice when it comes to finding a personal trainer that is right for you!

PLEASE NOTE, right for you!

Of course, there are thousands of personal trainers out there, some that are brilliant and will do exactly what you need and others that might not be so well suited.

Follow these 3 tips to prevent wasting time, money and achieve your fitness goals much quicker.


If you’re reading this then you’re potentially at the beginning of your search for a personal trainer which is great, but this isn’t the last piece of research you’ll need to do!

When first scouting out a personal trainer, we would suggest taking some time to do your homework.

The first place to start could be Googling ‘personal trainer near me’.

This is likely to show you several options in your local area, and their Google Reviews which will give you an initial overview.

From these Google Reviews, is the feedback the type of thing you’re looking for – if it is then perfect. You could reach out to them now if you like, but we’d suggest diving a little deeper.

The next stop is social media – this could be Facebook or Instagram depending on what you like to use.

Similar to before, does their content relate to you?

Can you see testimonials of people who are a similar age, body type and have the same problems you currently have?

Do you like them… it’s a bit judgmental but you should get a feel for whether or not you will get on with them through social media.

If you’ve lived in your area for a while, you may have already heard of the gym or personal trainer AND you might even have a friend that trains with them… if you so definitely ask them for their opinion.

Once you’ve done this and you’ve found a gym or person who you think can help, it’s time to give them a try!

personal trainer in brighton coaching chest press

Try them out!

The majority of personal training gyms or personal trainers will have a low barrier offer for example at INTENT91 we have a 28 Day Experience.

It gives you the chance to see what we’re all about at a discounted price and without any commitment beyond 28 days.

Other examples may be taster sessions, 30 Day Trials etc.

Give this a go and see how you get on. You really have nothing to lose, and it might be the answer to your problems!

personal trainer at our brighton gym

Did you enjoy it?

You did it! You took the first steps in your fitness journey with a personal trainer which is awesome.

But now the final step is deciding whether or not you will continue with them…

Here are the questions you need to be asking yourself:

  • Did you enjoy it?

Some might think this is a funny question as they never enjoy fitness, but we believe this hasn’t got to be the way! Believe it or not, you can find a training method you don’t dread.

This is crucial for longevity in your fitness journey.

  • Was it effective?

It’s all well and good enjoying it but did it solve your problem?

Now, this can be tough with taster sessions and short trials, as progression takes time but ask yourself did you leave the workouts feeling a sense of achievement? Did you learn something new?

Your problem might simply be that you’re intimidated by gyms, in which case did you feel comfortable? If yes, then brilliant!

  • Was the training style sustainable?

It’s all well and good joining a gym that worked you really hard and you really enjoy but it was too intense to sustain for a lifetime.

For example, CrossFit is great for younger people, but we’ve found time and time again that it causes many injuries which is not ideal and makes it fairly unsustainable.

Please note, this is not to say there isn’t a place for CrossFit – it’s just not for everyone.

  • Can you fit it into your schedule?

You may notice a theme here… the goal is to find something that will work for a lifetime.

A problem with many personal training services is that they don’t offer much availability so it’s important to find out if you can fit it into your life!

If you can, then great that removes a barrier.

  • Can you afford it?

Like the above, can you afford it for a long period of time?

Of course, you could just have a personal trainer for a few months to get started but you need to ensure that you can give the gym or personal trainer time to work their magic.

If you can answer YES to all those questions, then you’ve found a personal trainer that is right for you. It’s time to get excited!

personal training session at our brighton gym

A final note…

To round up here are 3 tips for finding the perfect personal trainer for you;

  • Research
  • Try them out
  • Feedback

We hope this helps you!

If you live in Brighton or Worthing, then maybe we can help you with your fitness journey. If we can’t we’ll definitely be able to point you in the right direction!

To get in touch, simply CLICK HERE.